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Logo The Law of Requisite Variety applies to government regulation as it does to any other organisation. Anymore than an aircraft can flout the laws of gravity.
However, governments do try and flout this law. But in a democracy and an elected government based on legitimacy afforded by being elected, a government based upon authoritarianism does not work. It is not designed to take the variety of citizens and their differing lifestyles into account.
Aircraft apparently do appear to flout the laws of gravity; they do fly! But their design takes the law of gravity into account. Aircraft are not built of house bricks because it would not fly. This is why our present government and all its departments “are not fit for purpose”. It is like an aircraft built of house bricks. It CANNOT govern in a democratically acceptable way.
Without designing freedom and justice as an output of government regulation, governments will revert to more and more authoritarian measures, more laws, more state nannyism, (don’t eat this, don’t drink that, don’t smoke, especially in public houses and bars, exercise more) at best or brutal repression at worst; like the conflict in Syria.
A government’s responsibility is to provide public goods through taxation. How and what public goods is the subject of debate.