I am the founder and leader of the Millennium Party. I have resigned from the Liberal Democrat party because although I believe in the Preamble of their constitution that “no-one should be enslaved by poverty or ignorance”, the Liberal Democrat party, as part of the political establishment, is enslaved by ignorance as are the Labour and Conservative parties.

My hero is the late Stafford Beer, a cybernetician and author of “Designing Freedom”, “Platform for Change” and “Brain of the Firm” amongst other published works. It is through the knowledge gained from reading his publications that I came to realise that people work within a system made up of political, business and social organisations that channel the behaviours of the people working in the system. People “work the system” they find themselves in for their own benefit. This statement applies to billionaires and benefit claimants alike. The way the “system” is worked creates the social and political problems that are prevalent in society.

The purpose of the Millennium Party is to establish in law an alternative system that when it is “worked” does not create the social and political problems in the first place thus eliminating the need for expensive bureaucracies and “red tape” and the high taxation required to finance it.