Hello. My name is Robert Wootton and amongst other things, I am an Economic Systems Designer. Politically, my philosophy is Liberal, Utilitarian, Machiavellian (Real Politik) Anarcho-captalist. I am as Socialist as Henry Ford of Model T Ford and mass production fame; he doubled his workers wages during the Great Depression in the 1930s. Like the Greek government and the current UK Labour party it was an anti-austerity measure. So am I anti-austerity and anti-poverty.

The current neoliberalism economic model propagated by Margaret Thatcher and Sir Keith Joseph through the Centre for Policy Studies and by US governments since Ronald Reagan (Reaganomics) has been disastrous for every country that has used this system of economic ideology, including the USA, the EU, Brazil, Mexico, and the African countries who have been obliged by the IMF/ World Bank to follow these policies (SAPS) Structural Adjustment Program of De regulation (of business) Liberalisation and Privatisation; (D.L.P.)

The Economic (operating) System I have designed will eliminate poverty, reduce taxation for businesses and individuals and give people sufficient disposable income to live the way they choose whatever philosophy, religious or political view they hold; to give them freedom of choice.